Drawings By WWII POW Returned To Family

Howard Weistling always wanted to be a comic strip artist, but felt he should enlist in the Army after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. His plane was shot down and he spent a year nearly freezing and starving in a prisoner of war camp in Barth, Germany.

To cope with being hungry and homesick, Weistling drew a comic book on cigarette wrappers bound together with scrap metal. It was sent around camp, one panel at a time and gave the soldiers something to look forward to, according to Morgan, Howard’s son. When they were liberated, the book was left behind, but it has recently been returned to Morgan by a man who tracked him down online, and he’s thrilled to have it.

"It was like getting my father back," Morgan says. "It was like him being able to tell me the story over again only this time it was real in my hands."

Source: NPR

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