This Pie Is An Entire Thanksgiving Meal In One!

American Pecans partnered with Four & Twenty Blackbirds, a Brooklyn-based bakery, to create what’s never been done before, according to the brands. The Pecans ThanksEverything Pie consists of eight slices, each with a different classic dish you would find in a Thanksgiving meal. From the main course to dessert, it’s an entire meal in one pie! In addition, pecans are incorporated into every slice. FULL MEAL DEAL

  • Turkey:turkey pot pie with pecan crust
  • Cranberry:cranberry sauce with toasted pecans
  • Stuffing:a mix of squash, pecan, and sausage
  • Mac & Cheese:made with pecan breadcrumbs
  • Sweet Potato Casserole:made with candied pecans
  • Green Bean Casserole:made with sliced pecans
  • Roasted Veggies & Potato Mash:made with chopped pecans
  • Pecan Pie:made with chocolate