Godsmack Singer’s Mental Health Charity Donates To Youth Program

Godsmack singer Sully Erna is bringing Christmas to three young athletes this year. The musician’s mental health charityThe Scars Foundationhas donated $12,500 to New Hampshire’s Inner-City Youth Boxing Program.

Thanks to Erna’s generosity, three student athletes will get a one-year scholarship to Thrive’s boxing gym. The facility will also get an equipment upgrade, helping them continue helping kids in need stay on a healthy track so they can inspire future generations, too.

“I’ve seen the positive impact coach Julio Peña at Thrive Boxing has on his young students with my own eyes,” says Erna in a statement. “I feel that not only does his work help develop these young athletes into better athletes, but it teaches them how to be better mentors for the next generation of kids that will need the same guidance.”


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