The Most Popular Big Game Party Snacks

A new Frito Lay Survey finds:

  • 80% of Americans expect snacks, like chips and pretzels, at their Super Bowl bash.
  • As for what chips they want, 70% of Super Bowl watchers want potato chips, while 54% want tortilla chips.
  • 90% say a Super Bowl spread isn’t complete without snacks and dips.
  • As for what dips they prefer, salsa is the top choice (16%), followed by:
    • Cheese dips and spreads (15%)
    • French Onion Dip (13%)
    • Guacamole (12%)
    • Buffalo Chicken dip (12%)
  • In the battle of Super Bowl cities, it seems San Francisco and Kansas City have absolutely different snacking preferences, with San Fran residents preferring potato chips (48%) and Kansas City fans of popcorn (32%). 
  • As for watching the game, 91% say they’ll watch regardless of what teams are playing.
  • 87% will host or attend a party, or watch the game at home.
  • 9% will be watching the game at a bar. 

Source:Market Watch