Texas counties where you’re most likely to get a speeding ticket

According to a study by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram of Texas Department of Safety data from 2012-16, Hidalgo County had the most number of tickets issued with 58,669. Harris County came in second, with 46,082 tickets.

The Top Ten counties for speeding tickets, in descending order, were:

  • Hidalgo, with 58,669 speeding tickets issued during the four-year period between 2012-16.
  • Harris County, 46,082 tickets issued.
  • Cameron, 42,846 tickets.
  • Montgomery, 42,447 tickets.
  • Brazoria, 37,811 tickets.
  • Williamson, 31,213 tickets.
  • Bell, 30,597 tickets.
  • Fort Bend, 26,630 tickets.
  • Parker, 26,506 tickets.
  • Collin, 26,431 tickets.

Read the full story at Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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