Ozzy Osbourne Stars In Anti-Declawing Ad For PETA


Ozzy -- who nearly lost some fingers due to an infection in late 2018 -- said in a statement, "Amputating a cat's toes is twisted and wrong. If your couch is more important to you than your cat's health and happiness, you don't deserve to have an animal! Get cats a scratching post -- don't mutilate them for life."

Declawing involves the amputation of a cat's claws and part of their toes, which veterinarians equate with cutting off the last bone in a human's finger. The procedure often causes nerve damage, infection, and immense pain, with declawed cats having to relearn how to walk and exhibiting other negative behavioral issues.

Ozzy, who recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with a form of Parkinson's disease, will release his new album Ordinary Man on February 21st.

Story source: Blabbermouth

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