Ozzy Osbourne Insists Tour Isn’t Canceled

Ozzy Osbourne canceled his “No More Tears 2” tour to focus on his health. Well Ozzy is setting the record straight and insists the tour isn’t canceled, even though fans are getting their money back for their tickets. 

“I cannot go out on the road, until I’m 100 percent confident that I can pull it off,” Ozzy tells Radio.com, stressing that the tour is simply postponed.

"If I go out now and I can’t carry on, people are gonna think I’ve lost the plot, ya know,” he adds. “So I’m not gonna go out there until I can give them the show that I want to give them, because it’s not fair to them. I mean I've waited this long. I'm intending on going back out on the road."

  • ONE MORE THING! Ozzy’s new album “Ordinary Man” is finally out, and just before its release he shared the track “It’s A Raid,” his collaboration with Post Malone.This is the second time the two artists have worked together. They previously released “Take What You Want,” which was featured on Post’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding.”Check out the new song to the right.


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