Films Set To Screen At SXSW Are Offered A New “Venue” ONLINE

Films Set To Screen At SXSW Are Offered A New “Venue”- We’ll still be able to view the films that were set for screening at SXSW.

Filmmakers whose works were scheduled to be shown at the canceled South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas are being offered an online venue. Stage 32, a site for entertainment creators, is offering the filmmakers a place where they can display their flicks for free.

The movie magic makers will be able to decide whether they want their films available to the general public or only to members of the Stage 32 community. The site is accepting applications until March 23rd. Their plan is to make the films available in April.

Many of the movies highlighted by festivals like SXSW do not yet have distribution deals, and that’s why they clamor to be screened there.


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