A Father-Son Arm Wrestling Match Turns Into an 8 Hour Police Standoff

A 55-year-old guy named Curtis Zimmerman in Florence, Kentucky was drunk on Sunday night and decided to arm wrestle his son. We don't know the son's age, just that he's under 18.

Well, the kid beat his dad at arm wrestling. And Curtis was so angry they started fighting for real . . . and then Curtis grabbed his gun and fired two shots into the ceiling while his son was upstairs.

The cops went out to the house around 1:00 A.M. yesterday morning . . . and got into an EIGHT-HOUR standoff with Curtis before he finally surrendered.

He's been charged with wanton endangerment. 

(Lexington Herald-Leader)

(photo cred: Clint Connelly and Steve Golub (R) arm wrestle during the Frederick County Maryland Arm Wrestling Team's practice at the home of Sergey Svetlikov on May 31, 2020 in Mount Airy, Maryland. GETTY IMAGES)

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