Breaking Benjamin & Bush Cover Alice In Chains

Breaking Benjaminis serving up some live content since in-person concerts aren’t happening right now. The band has shared a video of their live collab withBush’s Gavin Rossdale on a cover ofAlice In Chains'"Would?"

The video was originally taken back in February, during Breaking Benjamin’s performance in Reno, Nevada coinciding with the two bands announcing they’d be touring together this summer… which didn’t end up happening. At the top of the clip, Breaking Benjamin’sBen Burleyexplains how much the tour means to him, since Bush is one of his favorite bands “of all time.”

"Twenty years ago when I was about 15 or 16 years old, I drove about three hours to see one of my favorite bands of all-time,” he says. “I stood in the crowd and I was in the pit, and Gavin Rossdale was playing and I was standing there looking at him the whole time, just screaming and singing every word.”Check out the video to the right.


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