Motorhead’s New ‘Ace of Spades’ Box Set Turns Into a Gambling Table

Motorhead's classic Ace of Spades album will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November of this year. While all members of this album's recording lineup have passed away, the legacy thrives with a new box set reissue coming Oct. 30. Oh, and it includes poker dice and the set turns into a gambling table.

The reissue comes on the heels of Motorhead's Made in 1978 box set for the Bombers and Overkill records, in addition to live albums and a plethora of other goodies. There's no stopping short on the Ace of Spadesset, which also includes a pair of double lives album, a comic book, era-specific tour program and a lot more.

In total, 42 previously unreleased tracks will be part of the collection and the complete package details can be viewed below.

Pre-order are live now, so head here to make your purchase.

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