Metallica Donates $250K to Five Organizations Fighting West Coast Fires

With a home base in California, Metallica have seen wildfires pop up nearly annually in their home state and this year is no different. The last month has seen mass destruction take place not only in California, but up the West Coast as well. For the fourth consecutive year, the band's All Within My Hands charitable foundation will be chipping in to aid the fire fight, donating $250,000 to five organizations.

"This year, we will be donating a sum of $250,000 to five organizations on the front line of this environmental crisis that has made its way into the lives and homes of far too many. The organizations include the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund($100K),Oregon Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief and Recovery Fund($75K),Community Foundation Santa Cruz County’s Fire Response Fund($25K),North Valley Community Foundation Wildfire Relief and Recovery Fund($25K), and Community Foundation of North Central Washington NCW Fire Relief Fund($25K),"state the band.

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