Folks Translate Foreign Tattoos, And It’s Totally Hilarious

Bored Panda has just shared a collection of tat fails, where folks think they mean one thing, when in reality it’s something completely different, and often pretty embarrassing.

For example:


One girl thought her tattoo meant, “appreciate life,” but it really translates to “I’m rotten.”

Two drunk girls got matching tats on their ankles that apparently mean “taking/taken advantage of.”

One guy noticed a girl with an ankle tat that he says means “miso” in Chinese and Japanese.

Another person asked for a translation of their tat, and found out it meant “a watery waste/to reach.”

On woman got what she thought was her daughter’s initials on the back of her neck, but the tats really means “dog” and “place.”

Another person got a huge tat on their back that actually means “chicken noodle soup.”

One person got what they thought was “fear no man” on their leg, when it actually meant “coffin man.”