Company Has Created A Collection Of Underwear That Never Has To Be Washed

If you hate to wash your underwear, there is some good news coming your way from a Minnesota company named HercLeon. They have come up with what it calls "the world's cleanest underwear," an innovative self-cleaning undergarment that can be worn daily for weeks, even months, without becoming smelly.

It's all because of a revolutionary material called HercFiber which continuously destroys all bacteria and stays clean without needing a wash. All you have to do is let the underwear "air out" for a bit after wearing it, and you can safely put it on again the next day. HercFiber is made with a blend of Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Beechwood, and Copper fibers. The copper is anti-infection, antibacterial, and also "stabilizes and heals" the skin, so when it's weaved into the underwear, it slows the growth of bacteria and eliminates it.

Apparently, HercLéon founder and creative director Wenceslaus Muenyi came up with the idea of self-cleaning clothing while on a trip in Iceland. He had packed only a backpack of clothing but realized that it wasn't going to be enough, as some clothes started to smell bad after one wear. That got him thinking about a sustainable solution to this problem.

Source: Indiegogo

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