The Washington Football Team Won't Pick A New Name Until 2022

Are you NFL fans getting used to the name Washington Football Team?

Good because it looks like we will be using it again this fall after the team basically announced it will go by the name once again in 2021.

More specifically, the team launched a website yesterday that will chronicle the team's name change and—on the front page of the site—it states that" the future of Washington Football arrives in 2022."

The website also includes a timeline that walks fans through the name-change process. It includes five chapters: Transformation, discovery, insight, creation and execution. Throughout the process, the team will take suggestions from fans. In the discovery chapter, it states those suggestions" will guide the creation of our new identity."

There's even an area on the website where fans can submit their idea for the next team name. Fans can write up their vision for the team, and even include images to uniform and logo designs they create. Anything submitted through this system will be owned by the team, so it's possible the organization could choose a fan submission for its next name and design.

For now, the team is displaying submitted ideas on its website. Fan-submitted names currently include the Washington Memorials, Washington Rhinos, Washington Justice and many, many others. Some of those, like the Justice, include pictures featuring new uniform and logo designs.

Here’s hoping by the time they unveil the new team name they will also take that veil of barbed wire around the cradle of freedom that many find more insulting than the names “Redskins” ever was.

Source:Yahoo! Sports

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