Sacha Baron Cohen Won’t Make Another Borat Film

Sacha Baron Cohen’s surprise “Borat” sequel was a “great success,” to quote the Kazakhstanian title character. But don’t expect another Borat comeback, the actor says it’s not happening – at least, not in the same way.

In a new interview, Baron Cohen says making “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” got “too dangerous” for him to consider making another one. While it’s fun to watch for audiences at home, both Baron Cohen and the crew ran into plenty of trouble making the movie… so much so, that he wore a bulletproof vest for one of the scenes.

Sure, Baron Cohen said back in 2006 that he wouldn’t do Borat again, only to make another movie in 2020. But it was Donald Trump’s presidency that inspired him to make a comeback… and now, he’s done with daring improv stunts. He’s sticking to “scripted stuff” from now on.

Source:Entertainment Weekly

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