Radiohead Lyric Sketchbook Sells For $7K At Auction

One lucky Radiohead fan has gotten their hands on a piece of the band’s history. A sketchbook used by Radiohead when they were writing and rehearsing their second album “The Bends” has sold at auction for just about $7,000.

The book was sold via Omega Auctions, who says it was picked up in 1993 by “a man who had lent the group instruments and a PA sound system” at the Oxfordshire barn where they had been working on the record. The sketchbook contains sketches, chords and lyrics for “The Bends,” including the tracks “Street Spirit,” along with some previously unreleased signs “Too Easy,” “Idiot Boy,” and “Dead Bank Clerk.”

“When the [Radiohead] sessions were over I went to retrieve my equipment and ‘clear out’ the room,” the anonymous seller says. “I was informed that anything remaining in the room was not required by the band and should be thrown away or kept by me if I so wished, so I kept the sketch pad.”


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