Deftones Revive “Pac Man” With “White Pony” Arcade Game

Deftones are bringing back “Pac-Man” with their own spin. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album “White Pony,” the band has launched their own version of the beloved arcade game.

The “White Pony x Black Stallion Arcade” originally came with the enhanced CD version of 2000’s “White Pony” – and now it’s back for fans to enjoy online. Fans can connect their Spotify account to stream Deftones while you maneuver a stallion icon around the playing Pac-Man-style field. And instead of ghosts, there are floating heads of each Deftones member threatening to eat the stallion.

Play the “White Pony x Black Stallion Arcade” game HERE.Check out some gameplay below.


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