Professional Poker Player Holds 40 Year Old Grudge And Gets Arrested For It

Las Vegas police have arrested 72-year-old Brent Carter who they say sent threats, including a suspicious powder, to the New York State Gaming Commission over a 45-year-old grudge. The story reportedly goes back to 1976. While Carter may be a tremendous card player, his intimidation tactics need help.

It appears that wrote his own name and return address in Vegas on the envelopes that contained the suspicious powder. The powder turned out to be harmless (it was said to be a variety of household materials, including birdseed, dirt, hair, sugar and drywall), but that's not getting him off the hook. He's facing a five-year stay in federal prison.

So what caused Brent's big burn? Back in 1976, the New York State Gaming Commission temporarily suspended him from competing in horse racing for one month so it could investigate allegations of cheating. Carter was ultimately cleared and his license reinstalled. But that wasn't good enough. Since then, Feds say Carter has repeatedly contacted employees and blaming them for destroying his career in horse racing. While officials basically blew off the trash talk, including powder was a last straw.

  • In one of his more disturbing letters, Carter allegedly referred to the Las Vegas mass shooting from 2017, saying "well it looks like the shooter in Las Vegas missed you guys. As long as you're not available, you should be made permanently not available." In another, he said that he wished employees had died in the infamous Schoharie limousine crash.

Source: Times Union

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