Ren Faire In Honor of Mikee Man "Crooked Beard" Tillery

Renaissance Faire for Crooked Beard takes place July 10-11 at Old Fort Parker in Groesbeck. Cost is $8 for 12 and under, military and senior citizens, $10 for over 12. Vendor space is $40 each. Camping is available at $10 for tents and $20 for RVs.

Benefit Ren Faire in honor of beloved local man Mike Tillery passed away at the age of 52 Friday, June 9 from liver cancer. Mike was known as Crooked Beard or Mikee Mann in the Renaissance community. At Mike's request 100% of the proceeds will go to Baylor Scott & White McClinton Cancer Center and Shepard's Heart, a food pantry.

You can reach out to Louise Bates at 254-855-7146 if you would like to provide a donation.


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