Screams®5 haunted houses each have a different theme and offer a totally unique fright experience. They are sure to find out what terrifies you! Additionally, visitors can go through the haunted houses as many times as they like (as the crowds will allow). New for 2021 are two all new haunted houses/themes: Klownz in 3-D and the Times Up…Maze. The 5 haunted houses include:

  • ALL NEW – Klownz in 3-D -Step right up! Step right up! Make all your nightmares come true with Boozo the Clown and his freakishly funny cast of zombie clowns, as you try to survive a trip through the circus of madness… all in 3-D! Yes, you actually wear 3-D glasses through this Haunted House!
  • ALL NEW – Times Up… Maze -Enter at your own risk and take a trip through time while trying to find your way back to the here and now
  • Cursed... the Witches of TerraMythica Castle –A terrifying trip in the Medieval Myths surrounding the Magdena Sisters and their evil!
  • Hotel D’Feers –Frozen in time after a brutal mass murder, meet the ones who STAYED for eternity!
  • Zombie Wasteland… Apocalypse -Fight to the finish: survivors think you’re zombies, Zombies think you’re food… Good Luck!

And there’s a whole lot more! The Rottingwood Cemetery walk-through attraction will get you in the mood for the frights of the night. When you’re ready to take a break from being scared, Screams®has a DJ spinning dance tunes on the Screams®Stage, Scary-Oke (Screams®version of Karaoke – in a new location), games of skill, waxed hands, Henna tattoos, palm readers, Tarot card readings, face painting, shops, and more.

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