How to Fry a Turkey Without Burning Your House Down, Tracy Lawrence Recipe

Will this Thanksgiving be your first attempt to deep-fry a turkey? If you're a little "iffy" on how to do it, here are some tips from country star TRACY LAWRENCE. He should know, his "16th Mission: Possible Turkey Fry and Concert" is today.

He says, quote, "You have to make sure the turkey is completely thawed out. The ice, when it hits that hot grease, will absolutely explode. That's how you burn your house down."

This one seems obvious, but I'm sure he's bringing it up because he's heard stories. Quote, "Don't set your fryer up on your porch . . . especially if you have a wood deck. Move the fryer away from your house." 

Tracy and his team have fried over 6,400 turkeys since he launched the event in 2006. He's raised over $600,000 for the Nashville Rescue Mission, and provided some 90,000 meals through the years.

If you want to help Tracy's great cause, you can hit up the website at

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