WATCH METALLICA Perform At 'Triad Combat' Debut In Texas Nov 27th

Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.

The band's setlist was as follows:

Opening Set


02.Ride The Lightning

Pre-Main Event

03.Master Of Puppets

04.Nothing Else Matters

05.Enter Sandman

Closing Set


07.The Memory Remains

08.Wherever I May Roam

09.Sad But True

10.Creeping Death

11.The Unforgiven

12.For Whom The Bell Tolls

13.Whiskey In The Jar

14.Fade To Black


16.Seek & Destroy

Triad Combat is a revolutionary, new combat team sport which incorporates boxing and MMA rules in an aggressive, fast-paced manner with the fighters competing in a specially designed triangular ring over two-minute rounds featuring professional boxers competing against professional mixed martial arts fighters. The specific motto of leveling the playing field between the two sports utilizing crossover gloves and with holding allowed is meant to offer boxing and MMA fighters an even battleground where neither opponent has a greater advantage.

The "Triad Combat" PPV event was carried in North America across all PPV platforms, including cable, satellite, telco, and streaming.

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