Dave Mustaine Teases New Megadeth Song

Dave Mustaine gave Megadeth fans an early holiday gift by sharing a brief clip from their new song "Life In Hell" in a Cameo video for a fan named Gabe.

In the video, Dave tells Gabe that he's the first person in the "outside world" to hear music from the band's new album, "The Sick, The Dying and The Dead,"which doesn't have a release date yet. But he did share another snippet from the title track in another Cameo back in July for a fan named Joe. 

In this new Cameo vid, Dave wishes Gabe a Merry Christmas and then tells him, “I will play you something that’s been recorded already and is special. How would you like to hear a little bit of the new album?," explaining, "This is song two from Side One. It’s called ‘Life in Hell’.” The clip includes a split second of Dave's vocals and some machine-gun-paced guitar riffs. 

When the snippet ends, Dave says, “There you go. A little special surprise for you, buddy. So I think that makes you the first person in the outside world — outside of the studio and the band and my family — that’s heard any music from the new record.”

Source: Cameo

[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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