List Of The Most Expensive Destinations For New Year’s Eve

While a lot of us may sit home in our pajamas on New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of people who like to go out and celebrate, with many making travel plans to ring in the New Year. But some of the most exciting places to celebrate NYE can also be the most expensive, and now a new report reveals where those pricey places are.

  • The website CheapHotels has come out with their list of the priciest New Year’s Eve destinations.
  • They looked at 50 major cities globally, looking for the cheapest available room for a three-night stay between December 30thand January 2nd.
  • Only hotel rooms that were centrally located, with at least three stars and generally positive reviews were taken into account.
  • With all that in mind, Miami Beach, Florida was the most expensive U.S. City for New Year’s Eve, with $365 the nightly rate for the least expensive room.
  • When it comes to international destinations, Cancun is the most expensive, with the cheapest room coming in at $228 a night.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Destinations For New Year’s Eve

  1. Miami Beach $365
  2. New Orleans $304
  3. Nashville $284
  4. New York City $275
  5. Honolulu $264
  6. Cancun $228
  7. Las Vegas $225
  8. Edinburgh $221
  9. Rio de Janeiro $206
  10. Los Angeles $205

Source:Yahoo Finance

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