Eddie Vedder’s Late Father Appears On New Solo Album

Eddie Vedder recently shared the track list for his upcoming solo record “Earthlings,” and now he’s revealed that it features some very special guests. The album includes guest appearances from Stevie Wonder, Elton John,and Ringo Starr, as well as Eddie’s late father. 

Eddie tells “Mojo” magazine he got recordings of his father’s voice after meeting ex-Chicago Cub, Carmen Fanzone. He later went to see Carmen play trumpet at a club in Arizona and a guy on the keyboards had been friends with Eddie’s father. The man eventually sent him a disc with Ed’s dad singing on it.

“I carried that disc around for two, three months in my suitcase, not ready to hear it,” Eddie shares. “Finally, I got the guts, and after a couple bottles of wine played it one night in Argentina. And he was good. It was incredible – like he left a message for me.” He and his producer, Andrew Watt ,then put together “a little collage” around the voice, which appears at the end of the album.

  • Eddie adds “I thought of the record like a setlist – by the end, that’s when you start bringing out special guests,” noting, “We had Stevie and Elton, Ringo was an incredible addition… and then my pop gets to be on a record with those guys, which is not too shabby.”

Eddie Vedder’s “Earthlings” drops February 11th.

Source:Louder Sound

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