Massive Wild Turkey Attacks People On A Hiking Trail

FULL STORY HERE "A man captured video of a wild turkey chasing and attacking him and another woman on a trail in Northeast Washington D.C.

DeDe Folarin, a member of the D.C. go-go band Rare Essence, frequently cycles on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail near Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens. But a recent trip on the trail was unlike any other he's had.

"Just riding along the path, this gigantic turkey just kind of, like, jumps up towards my face ... almost claws me in the face. So, kind of knocked me off my bike, and then it proceeded to chase me around for, like, five minutes," Folarin said.

Then, Folarin says the turkey went after a nearby woman who tried to fend it off with her bicycle. Folarin caught the encounter on video."

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