Fred Durst Kicks Off Limp Bizkit’s U.S. Tour With Corny Dad Vibes

Limp Bizkit Setlist — April 28, 2022 (via

01. "Dad Vibes" (Fred and Lethal only)

02. "Out of Style"

03. "Dirty Rotten Bizkit"

04. "Pill Popper" (First time played live)

05. "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)"

06. "Hot Dog"

07. "Party Up (Up In Here)" / "Walk" (DJ Lethal interlude)

08. "My Way"

09. "My Generation"

10. "Livin' It Up"

11. "Nookie" (until second chorus)

12. "Full Nelson" (with fan on vocals)

13. "Jump Around" / "Hip Hop Hooray" / "Just a Friend"(DJ Lethal interlude)

14. "Thieves" (Ministry cover, instrumental jam)

15. "Faith"(George Michael cover)

16. "Take a Look Around" ("Counterfeit" intro played)

17. "Break Stuff"

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