Texas High School varsity squad has been suspended for hazing

"The Alamo Heights Independent School District has now found themselves immersed in a controversy involving Oreos. The school released a statement Wednesday afternoon responding to an anonymous tip involving cookies and  “safety concerns and allegations of misconduct by some players on the football team.

After an internal investigation, nearly the entire Alamo Heights High School varsity squad has been suspended two games, given in house suspension, and 10 hours of community service for hazing. 

The tip was as follows: “The senior boys did an initiation, where they went out to the baseball fields and made the younger players put cookies dipped in hot sauce between their butt cheeks. Then, they had to race each other, and if any of the cookies fell out the person would have to eat it. They made them do this in an open space completely naked. They then also were throwing hot sauce on some of the players, then at a later party, made some of the freshmen get down to their boxers and give lap dances to some cheerleaders.” FULL STORY HERE



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