That One Time Ozzy Osbourne Made 60 Pigs Take ‘A Massive Crap

"The lyrics to “Miracle Man” pulled no punches, saying in part: “Miracle man got busted, miracle man got busted / Today I saw a miracle man, on TV cryin' / Such a hypocritical man, born again, dying / He don't know where he's goin' but we know where he's been / It was out little Jimmy sinner / Our eyes are on the screen.”

If the lyrics weren’t enough, Osbourne determined he’d drive home his point via the song’s music video. Here’s where the pigs come in.

The shoot was taking place at a scenic old church in England, with Osbourne donning a Swaggart mask. The singer had the chapel filled with pigs, a fairly obvious metaphor for swine hiding within the church. Unfortunately, Osbourne didn’t take into account how heavily amplified music might affect the animals."

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