Tips On How To Better Juggle Work-Life Balance

A lot of us struggle separating our work life from our home life, and that’s an even bigger problem now that a lot of people are still working from home. So, how can folks get better at juggling the two important aspects of their life? Well, some folks are now offering tips.

BuzzFeed asked their community to share their best work-life balance tips and folks chimed in with some great suggestions.

They include:

  • “TAKE. TIME. OFF. DAMMIT. Even just one or two days per month (PTO permitting, of course), or take a full week off every three to four months or so.”
  • “If you’re salaried, it’s hard to break the habits of an hourly worker… Don’t work more than your 40 hours, less if you can, because that isn’t why you’re paid anymore."
  • "Put blocks on your calendar!! You deserve time to debrief, focus, eat, take a little nap, whatever you want. But don’t let your job take over your life."
  • “It’s a small thing, but when I get home from work every day I take 45 minutes to sit, have a cuppa, and zone out to the TV before I start housework, dinner, etc. This allows me time to switch off from my work day and become fully engaged in being at home. It’s made my downtime more high quality."
  • "Be clear with coworkers about boundaries and scheduling. If you work remote, shut your computer off at the same time every day. For the most part, unless your job is in a medical or safety field, no one will die if you send an email the next morning or return a phone call during your work hours.”
  • "Don't add coworkers on social media unless there is a mutual desire to be friends outside of work."
  • “TAKE YOUR FULL LUNCH BREAK!!!…it’s so cathartic to leave the building, go somewhere (for me ideally home for my lunch break), and eat your lunch while not thinking about work."
  • “If you WFH, create a separate space that is just for work and only do work in that space, even if it's small. My apartment is small, so I took a corner in my bedroom and that is my work corner."
  • "Too many companies expect responsiveness before or after hours, expect salaried positions to work whenever they want them to, don’t pay you enough to live comfortably, etc. If you raise these concerns and there is no compromise or change, the best way to achieve better work/life balance is to take your talents to a company that enables it."

Source: BuzzFeed

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