Newest TikTok Sensation Is Kool-Aid Fried Chicken

Most kids and many adults are very familiar with Kool-Aid as a beverage, but there’s a new TikTok sensation that’s combining cherry red Kool-Aid with fried chicken wings. This crazy-sounding concoction was posted by Michael Ligier in a TikTok video and has received millions of view so far.


The recipe includes chicken smothered in a syrup made with the red cherry Kool-Aid and chili flakes with the final product having a “really weird taste.” Some followers liked the wings but others said he should have used grape or watermelon flavor…as though that would make it taste better?? Another follower, Blatant Reviews, made his own neon turquoise-colored version on his YouTube channel, but it turned out pretty horribly with a flavor so bad, it scored a rating of -1000 out of 5! From the reviews so far, this trend probably won’t be coming to a restaurant near you.

Source: mashed

[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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