You Can Make $480-An-Hour Teaching Millennials/Gen-Zers Phone Skills

Talking on the phone can be intimidating when all you do is text. That seems to have become a real issue for the Millennial and Gen-Z crowd. With many in that demographic feeling insecure and intimidated by the thought of actually talking to another human on their smartphone, Mary Jane Copps saw an opportunity.

Billing herself as “The Phone Lady,” Copps created a consulting firm dedicated to providing companies a way of improving the phone skills of their workers. Copps points out that when she was growing up every house had a phone, and we were all “taught how to answer it and make calls at a young age.” As shocking as it may sound to the old heads, there are now a couple generations that didn’t have a phone in their house, were never taught anything about phone etiquette, and never needed the skill because texting is their primary method of communication.

It seems that business for the phone lady is good, too. For one-on-one coaching, The Phone Lady charges $480-an-hour. There are also $365 30-minute webinars that she hosts “as part of a seven-part program. Copps also gets $3,500 as her daily rate for “corporate workshops.” As a starting challenge, Copps suggests her clients try to go three days without texting…and instead try calling their friends and family to catch up and share information. For many, the thought of that is downright scary.

Source: Business Insider

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