Pearl Jam Celebrates 25 Years Of "Yield" With Re-Release

Pearl Jam is ringing in 25 years since its classic album “Yield” by giving fans some special treats. The 1998 album is being re-released with two groups in minds: fans of different sounds and collectors.

For the first category of folks, “Yield” is making its way to vinyl- including versions pressed onto translucent black and red vinyl. And for those who like to gather bits of Pearl Jam’s history, the group is releasing a pressed recording of live concert “Give Way” for the first time.

Additionally, the band plans to release some visual history as well. “Single Video Theory,” a documentary on “Yield’s” creation, as well as rehearsal footage of tracks “Given To Fly” and “Do The Evolution.” You can check out the video of the former on the right, and “Yield’s” tracklist below.

Side A:

Brain Of J


No Way

Side B:

Given To Fly



Side C

Do The Evolution

Red Bar


Low Light

Side D:

In Hiding

Push Me, Pull Me

All Those Yesterdays

Source: Consequence

[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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