Yellowstone Season 5 PT. 2 Release Date & Kevin Costner Speculation

Since being released in 2018, Yellowstone has grown to be one of the largest shows on television. In fact, it is the most-watched cable series on TV, as the season four finale had a whopping 9.3 million viewers the night it aired.

With part 1 of Yellowstone season five finished and part 2 set to be released in summer 2023, fans of the show are already hoping it will be renewed for a sixth season.

Thanks to the vast popularity of the show, it seems likely that season five will not be the last of Yellowstone.

Will There Be a Yellowstone Season 6?

There is no official news on whether Yellowstone will be renewed for season 6. The renewal of this show has been put into doubt recently with reports that Kevin Costner could be leaving.

According to Deadline, there is tension between Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan over how much Costner wants to spend on set filming Yellowstone. This may result in Costner leaving Yellowstone after season five.

Most recently, on February 21, Kevin's attorney, Marty Singer, spoke out on his behalf about the allegations.

“The idea that Kevin was only willing to work one week on the second half of season 5 of Yellowstone is an absolute lie,” he told Puck News. “It’s ridiculous — and anyone suggesting it shouldn’t be believed for one second. As everyone who knows anything about Kevin is well aware, he is incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone way above and beyond to ensure its success.”

The Duttons will return with season 5 episode 9 in summer 2023. It's a bit of a waiting game as there's no official premiere date yet, but Paramount Network dropped a teaser to tide fans over.

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