Terrifying Ghoul Caught On Police Trail Camera

Photo: Evansville Police Dept.

A few weeks ago, police in Evansville, Wyoming were near the town's Veterans Bridge when they noticed very large prints in the mud that seemed to be from a mountain lion. To understand if there was a dangerous animal prowling the neighborhood, the authorities set up a trail camera.

It didn't take long for the cam to photograph a variety of woodland creatures, but it also wound up capturing pictures of something very creepy. The police shared all of the photos on Facebook and in the caption wrote, "If you know anyone that is scared of the dark, please pass this along to them so they can see there is nothing to be afraid of."

The pics all seems harmless, shots of turkeys, a raccoon, a skunk, a fox, and a deer, but then you see a blurry picture of what looks like a man in athletic wear, followed by a photo of him approaching the camera. In that pic, it is clear his face and hands do not belong to a human. Then there is a shot of his nightmarish face right in front of the camera. The next few pictures are once again innocent trail cam shots - a deer, a bicyclist, a man walking his dog and so on.

Many locals weren't happy to see what was among the photos, with most figuring that some guy saw the camera, put on a costume and made sure to be photographed by it. One person wrote, "Idiot. Not funny," and another said, "Scared me also." Others joked, "Even creatures of the night love wearing Polo gear," and, "You really need some collagen supplements, dude." One commenter suspected the police were behind it, writing, "I’m wondering if it wasn’t someone from the PD that knew it was there… but one could only hope."

There were still others who do believe there is something paranormal in the pics, writing things like, "It has eye shine and is not human," and, "Is it a humanoid? A space creature?"

Whatever it is, it's probably enough to have nearby residents making sure they lock their doors at night.

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