In-N-Out Burger to Host 2023 Battle of the Bands

In-N-Out Burger has officially launched a Battle of the Bands competition where the winner will go on to perform at the popular fast food chain restaurant's 75th anniversary festival, which will be taking place this fall.

Bands of all musical styles are welcome to enter, but one of the primary stipulations is that the group must contain at least three members, including a singer and musicians playing live instruments. In other words, one individual can't just submit a video of themselves singing to anything that's been pre-recorded and it needs to be an honest band effort.

The company band, alongside ZZ Top and 311, are all set to perform at the anniversary fest on Oct. 22 at the In-N-Out Burger Pomona Drag strip in Pomona, California.

Requirements to Enter

Submissions will be accepted June 26 - Aug. 4. All performers must be at least 18 years old.

Bands must consist of a minimum of THREE performers, including a singer and musicians with live instruments. All genres of music throughout the decades are accepted.

Head here for more information, including FAQ and how to submit your band.

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