Nothing More Drops Tour Following Singer's Past Of Domestic Violence

Texas-based rock vets Nothing More were all set to hit the road with Godsmack and Staind this year, but that’s not happening anymore. The band has confirmed their withdrawal after troubling incidents from singer Jonny Hawkins have caught fire online.

Just before Christmas 2021, Hawkins was caught on surveillance tape forcing his then-girlfriend from his truck before running over her. He later turned himself in and pled guilty to battery charges, serving three days in jail followed by a lengthy probation period. And though the band has pulled out of the tour as outrage spreads online, they are standing by their singer.

“One terrible night does not define a person’s life,” they wrote, claiming that “Jonny has taken responsibility for his actions in his personal life.” Nothing More revealed their decision was made “out of respect for Godsmack and Staind” before confirming they will be back on the road in September. 

Source: Metal Sucks

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