GWAR Kills It On NPR's "Tiny Desk Concert"

Metal band GWAR performed for NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert,” and it was certainly…very GWAR. Despite their usual crazy costumes and hardcore acting, they made sure NPR had a good time, performing "Sex Cow,” "I'll Be Your Monster,” "Ratcatcher,” and “Phantom Limb.”

"We learned a lot from those goody-goodys at NPR. For instance, how to say…'Your support right now is vital to GWAR's ability to bring you quality cultural and educational programming that leaves you soaked in bodily fluids and shame,;” GWAR Vocalist Blöthar the Berserker said during the concert.

Blöthar went on to tell the audience why they should appreciate GWAR more than NPR. “NPR can give you coffee cups and satin totes, but we can give your souls eternal torment, so give to GWAR today.”

Source: Blabbermouth

[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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