BILLY IDOL: Worldwide Lip Twitch Event

Along with Steve Stevens, his longtime collaborator and guitarist of over 40 years, Idol will do an acoustic performance, share exclusive footage, and take part in Q&A session in Los Angeles.

You can see it all unfold at 3point5, Universal Music Group’s Twitch Channel at Twitch.TV/3Point5. This is all to promote the re-release of that first album this Friday.

In addition to the 10-track album, the expanded edition also includes a 15-track live performance from The Roxy in 1982, and a 12-minute Clubland Extended Remix of “White Wedding.”

Idol will be back on the road starting August 27th in Vancouver, Canada through September 16th in Camden, New Jersey. He'll follow that up in October with a five-night stand at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

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