Bar Doorman Learns To Never “F” With The Military

If you own a bar near a military base, your number one rule should be never ever mess with the enlisted personnel. That’s a lesson that was learned the hard way by one bar that was located by a Naval base. On Reddit, “Superb_Raccoon” tells his story. 

  • He went to the unnamed bar and knew that he didn’t look 21, even though he was
  • His state ID wasn’t valid, so he showed the guy working the door his military ID
  • The doorman looked at the ID, took it, and said, “This is fake. I’m keeping it”
  • When he asked for his ID back, the doorman said, “Nope, it’s mind. 20 bucks or f… off”
  • He then has to go back and report a lost/stolen ID, and shared the story of what happened to the “crusty officer” in charge…which was backed up by the guy’s buddy
  • That officer then narrowed his eyes in an “evil, evil way,” and said, “Chief! Can you come up here? I got a present for you,” told him to take the two guys back to the bar and “sort it all out”
  • They then drive up to the packed bar, and the guy points out the doorman who took his ID
  • The Chief gets eyeball-to-eyeball with the doorman and says, “Give me his ID now, or I start looking for it myself”
  • The ID was turned over, but the Chief wasn’t finished
  • He then motioned to the Marines in the bar to “make a hole to the bar and make it wide”
  • The bar noise died down as the Chief got to the bar, stood on a chair, and said, “All Active-Duty Military. This site is now on the prohibited list. Pay your tab, and get out”
  • With that, half the bar cleared out as the Chief made his exit, as most of them were retired or reserves…but don’t like that kind of crap going down, either 

The guy says he was transferred six months later, so we don’t know when, or if, that bar ever recovered the business it lost that night.

Source: Reddit 

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