The legal fallout continues to unfold after what’s become known as the Montgomery Brawl over the weekend. It happened when a Black ferryboat worker was clearing the way for the boat to dock, but men in a pontoon boat would move to let that happen. The white men in the pontoon started a fight with the worker. 

Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert announced during a press conference yesterday afternoon that misdemeanor assault charges had been filed against three of the men seen fighting along the Riverfront during the fight. Richard RobertsAllen Todd, and Zachery Shipman were each charged, and Chief Albert said at the press conference that one was already in custody and that the other two were expected to turn themselves in yesterday afternoon.

The investigation is continuing, and more charges are expected. Chief Albert said that 13 people were detained at the scene of the fight and then released after questioning, and also said that police want to talk to Reggie Gray, the black man shown in the video using a folding chair as a weapon. The local FBI office and the district attorney’s officer are both involved in the ongoing investigation.

Source: NBC News

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