Stupid Criminal: A Furious Furry Beat a Guy with a Bullhorn

A bunch of furries had a big beach party near L.A. on Saturday. It's an annual thing called the Sunset Beach Bonfire "Furmeet", where people show up dressed as animals. But things got even hairier than usual this year.

Some guy refused to stop filming them. So one of the head furries . . . a guy we'll call "Wolf-Pirate" . . . started beating him with a BULLHORN.  (Here's a photo.)

There's footage of the whole thing. He tells the guy, "Leave, or we will make you leave." Then he starts swinging the bullhorn, and clocks him in the side of the head. Other people piled on after that, including at least one other furry.

(Warning: The video has uncensored F-bombs and other profanity. There's also a longer version with even more choice words.)


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