Finding Ourselves In The Boss: Exploring Bruce Springsteen's Gay Fanbase

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"Why don’t people know that Bruce is loved by queer people?"

That is the question on everyone's mind after listening to the first episode of brand new iHeartRadio podcast "Because the Boss Belongs to Us" hosted by journalists Jesse Lawson and Holly Casio.

Lawson and Casio put their "serious journalist hats on to get to the bottom of Bruce's serious queer appeal" in this riveting, eye-opening new podcast just in time for Pride Month and iHeartRadio's annual Can't Cancel Pride event. Per the summary:

Lawson, a Springsteen super fan, "fell in love with Bruce Springsteen when they were 20. They knew who he was before then, but that’s the first time they’d properly heard his music. It went straight into their insides, pulling out feelings that they didn’t even realize they had yet, giving them new words as they were held up to the light. It turns out, they are not alone. And Jesse has questions. What is it about Bruce? Why are queers so obsessed with him?"

These questions, and many more will be investigated throughout the series starting with episode one: "The Mission". In addition to diving deep into aspects of Springsteen's hits that really resonate with them, the hosts provide resources for others to explore The Boss as a "queer icon."

"If this is your first time thinking about The Boss as a queer icon, and you want to explore these new feelings you’re having, me and Holly have made a playlist:  Queer Springsteen. Think of it as a Queer Bruce 101 - it’s a combination of Bruce songs that we think are queer anthems, and then covers of Bruce songs by legendary queer artists."

For more check out "Because the Boss Belongs to Us" on iHeartRadio now!

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