A "Euthanasian Roller Coaster" Is A Killer! Literally.

This was originally a story back in like 2010. However, over on TikTok, Luke Davidson shared the story of a little-known invention called the “Euthanasia Roller Coaster.” Designed to be used by those who are terminally ill, it’s a coaster that, if built, could only be enjoyed once.

It was conceived in 2010 by Juiljonas Urbonas. The car would carry up to 24 passengers up a hill that would be over 1,600-feet in the air. At that point, everyone on board would have to press the “go” button. If anyone had a change of heart, they’d be safely taken back down. If everyone gave the green light, the car would plummet down the hill at an estimated 223 miles-per-hour, going through seven loops that gradually decreased in size. The resulting G-Force would direct everyone’s blood from the brain down to their feet, rendering them dead by the end of the trip.

Talk about the ride of your life. Here is the original video and a virtual ride on said coaster.