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Lorena HS student accused: plan to poison principal

(MYCENTEX.COM) LORENA, TX - A 17-year-old Lorena High School student has been arrested and another may be soon after a teacher and students heard a conversation involving a plot to kill and assistant principal at the school.

Kelly Lynn Praytor was arrested Monday afternoon on charges of terroristic threat after Lorena Police completed their investigation.

She posted $1,000 bond and was released at 6:41 p.m.

Police say the incident that led to the arrest occurred in a classroom at Lorena High School January 26, with two students talking loudly enough to be heard by the teacher and other students.

The school began their investigation and police were notified on Friday.

A Lorena police spokesman said the conversation included a detailed discussion of how the intended victim could be poisoned in his tea, perhaps over a period of time using an untraceable poison.

He said there was also discussion of other methods that might be used.

There was no information regarding a motive for the plan.


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