Video: Mischa Barton's Freak-Out from Last Week

In case you missed it, TMZ posted disturbing video of MISCHA BARTON's meltdown last week.  Mischa hangs over her backyard fence yelling nonsense about Ziggy Stardust and her mom being a WENCH.  Then she falls.

And while I usually LOVE seeing people fall, I didn't even crack a smile at this one.  It's just way too sad.  Remember, Mischa said this happened because someone spiked her drink with the DATE RAPE DRUG the night before. 

And if that's not true, then this was probably the result of either mental illness . . . which Mischa has battled before . . . or maybe drug or alcohol abuse.  Whatever the case, it's really not something to make fun of.

(Check out the video here.  WARNING!!!  Mischa drops a few F-bombs.)

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