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SPOILER ALERT: We Now Know Why TWDs Negan is a Sociopath

The first 20 pages of “Here’s Negan” explain the heartbreaking story behind Negan’s baseball bat, Lucille.

** COMIC BOOK SPOILER ALERT ** Yes, this is in the comic, but will more than likely surface on t.v. So This is part of the article I read t UpRoXX.

1) The bat is named after his late wife, who died of cancer in a hospital bed during the initial hours of the outbreak. 

2) Negan was a high-school coach who bullied his students and was not especially well liked, although he tried to be. He didn’t want to be seen as a teacher with a “stick up his butt,” so he cussed out, berated, and humiliated his students because he wanted their respect and adoration.

3) He cheated on his wife and broke it off with ONE Mistress once Lucille got sick. 

4) Negan kept meeting people and bonding with them, only to see them eaten by zombies. He met a married couple, who succumbed to walker bites. Then he befriended some strangers around a campfire, who were also killed by the dead. A boy he saved and later DIED! 

'At a certain point, Negan got fed up with losing everyone he met to walkers, and that’s when he met Dwight. We don’t know the rest of his origin story with Dwight yet (there are still eight pages remaining in “Here’s Negan,”)' - Read more at UpRoxx

The Walking Dead returns Sunday www.amc.com/shows/the-walking-dead

Read more: http://thebuzz.iheart.com/onair/theresa-28940/spoiler-alert-we-now-know-why-15550008/#ixzz4YJ0SVZVI

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