Ivan Moody is NOT leaving Five Finger Death Punch and clarifies his statements

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH vocalist Ivan Moody has released a statement that he has not lef the band...Ivan had an interview with the Denver radio station 106.7 KBPIon April 20, .. he did mention he wanted to possibly start a side project with members of COAL CHAMBER and GEMINI SYNDROME, but never said he was going to leave the band. He said: "To be completely honest with you, DEATH PUNCH and I have kind of come to a crossroads, and we're very proud of what we've done — I mean, years and years and years and years of work. But it's time for us to kind of take our way and go do something else. So after this new year, my new band VILLAIN… I'm so excited, man. I've got Brian [Steele Medina] from GEMINI SYNDROME [on drums], I've got Stitch on bass. You're not gonna believe this: I've got Meegs [Miguel Rascón] from COAL CHAMBER as our guitar player. It's gonna be fun, man. It's gonna be a good time."

"Yesterday I made a statement that was taken out of context by the media .......The truth is, I want to start a side-project like Corey Taylor has with STONE SOUR or Maynard has with A PERFECT CIRCLE and I want to do it when FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's deal with Prospect Park is over and we are out of this lawsuit."