'Operation Extra Olives' Leads to Drugs Arrests At Papa John's

Authorities arrested five people after undercover detectives busted employees for selling cocaine at a Papa John’s Pizza in Sammamish, Washington, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Sammamish Police Department dubbed the six-month investigation “Operation Extra Olives.”

Undercover detectives went to the business after receiving reports of employees selling drugs in the parking lot. They were able to buy drugs from two different employees, according to a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.One of the employees introduced the undercover detectives to other drug dealers in Bellevue, Washington, and in Sammamish. FULL STORY

The search warrants from Sammamish and Bellevue netted $28,000 in cash, a vehicle and drugs, including cocaine, Ecstasy, marijuana, oxycodone, LSD and methamphetamine.

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